Go Mobile

How do PRC’s Go Mobile with Guardian Project?

  • Email guardian_project@yahoo.com to receive your application form
  • Interview with Guardian Project
  • Decide on grant package for financial support and coaching along the way
  • Sign Contract
  • Choose your mobile vehicle chassis, size, and interior layout to fit your center needs
  • Take delivery of mobile unit
  • Integrate mobile unit strategy and begin opration

If You’re interested in going mobile or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Guardian Project // Working with our Team from Heartwood Films on Vimeo.

What are PRCs saying about Guardian Project?

“Angels always show up unexpectedly. When the Guardian Project (GP) called us at Portland Pregnancy Centers, a mobile ultrasound vehicle was not on our radar. But, meeting with the Booses and the Van Zantens quickly convinced us that God was visiting us to equip us for greater outreach in our city. GP displays Christ’s compassion and courage in their commitment to mobilize (literally!) Pregnancy Centers with this innovative strategy to open the eyes of mothers and fathers to the life in the womb. Our whole staff has been challenged and strengthened by the generous faith and love of the GP team. We love partnering with these people!”

Larry Gadbaugh, CEO
Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland

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