From a Nurse aboard Insight Ultrasound Mobile Unit

“I exchanged smiles with a 30 something professional-looking lady as she crossed the street in front of Insight, then saw her on the cross street a few minutes later, and about 10 minutes later she actually walked up to the RV. She asked about our services, and hesitantly came inside to talk. She knew she was pregnant, and it was certainly not planned, and never would be. She’d always planned to abort if she got pregnant, but was surprised by her maternal feelings, and wanted to see her baby. When we started the ultrasound, she was amazed to see the baby’s movement, heartbeat, & development. Tearfully she smiled and said she was going to be a mom! For the next 15 minutes she just stared at her baby’s images on the mounted flat-screen, asking questions & laughing at the baby’s actions & body parts! She asked to bring her long-time boyfriend to see the videos another day, which we encouraged. She left with her ultrasound pictures and a beaming smile.”

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